Is Mexi Shred Blend Only Meant To Go With Mexican Dishes?

Mexican cheeses are pretty popular worldwide – the cuisine includes dozens of fresh, aged, creamy, and crumbly cheeses. With so many available types, you can find a perfect cheese to go with any dish you make regardless of the cuisine.

However, when using a single type of cheese – it may not go with every dish like Queso Fresco goes perfectly well in a salad or tacos but may not fit in the pizza. Also, not every Mexican cheese can be found around the world.

To solve this problem, Pure Dairy created their very own Mexi Shred Blend. People worldwide, especially in Australia, love this blend, and it has become the number one choice when making a range of dishes throughout restaurants, pubs and hospitality establishments in general.

However, they often ask if Mexi shred blend is only meant to go with Mexican dishes? Restaurant owners mostly ask this question as they purchase Mexi Shred Blend in bulk, and they are often hesitant about using it in cuisines other than Mexican and end up wasting the whole bag.

Mexi Shred Blend combines four kinds of cheese – Natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, Queso Quesadilla.

Natural Cheddar

Cheddar is probably the most versatile cheese – it melts beautifully, can be shredded, smoked, has sharp and unique flavours but not overpowering flavours. Most importantly, cheddar is one type of cheese that is used in every country.

Monterey Jack

This is a semi-hard cheese with a mild flavour, unlike cheddar; it also gives a slightly sweet kick to the dishes. It is also well known for its versatility.


Asadero is super creamy and melty cheese. This cheese is perfect for adding to roasted and baked dishes. The texture of Asadero cheese is somewhat elastic and becomes stringy when melted.

Queso Quesadilla

Queso Quesadilla is sturdy yet rich and melting cheese perfect to use in quesadillas – it is vastly used in Mexico and Texas, and now people use it worldwide because of its meltability and flavour.

All four kinds of cheese used to make the classic Mexi Shred Blend are versatile and have different textures and flavour profiles that complement each other perfectly. This shredded cheese blend is made to be adaptable and fit into every cuisine. So, it would be wrong to say Mexican cheeses are only meant to go with Mexican dishes.Mexi Shred Blend is a known name in Australia; many restaurants want to buy it. However, not everyone knows where to get the perfect shred blend.

Pure Dairy Mexi Shred Blend is what you need for your business – they do not compromise the quality of their shred blend. From burritos to pizza to cheesy ramen – their Mexi Shred Blend goes well with almost everything.

Pure Dairy also does not use any starch, cornflour, or nasty additives to keep the cheese clumping, so their product is gluten-free. All restaurant owners want to buy the classic Mexi Shred Blend in Australia; contact Pure Dairy today and bring Mexican goodness to your restaurant’s dish.