Can Poutine Be Topped With Any Regular Cheese Instead Of Cheese Curds?

Cheese curds are one of those ingredients that can make any dish more delicious instantly. They are widely used in many recipes, as they are both tasty and healthy. While some recipes require cheese curds, in some, they are entirely optional.

So what category does poutine fall into? Well, the authentic Canadian poutine is undoubtedly incomplete without cheese curds. One of the significant reasons poutines should not be topped with any regular cheese is the high melting point of the cheese curds. Cheese curds do not melt quickly; the chunks are big and chewy even after pouring the hot brown gravy on top. Also, the taste of the cheese curds is not overpowering – it has a mild flavour that will complement the flavour of the crispy fries.

It is almost impossible to replicate the taste and texture of cheese curds in a Poutine. However, if you have to sadly replace cheese curds with regular cheese because you don’t have them available, you must make sure you are using torn chunks of cheese and not shredded or fine cheese. Look for cheeses that have mild flavours, like aged cheddar.

As you know, cheese curds are the by-product of the cheddar making process, and they are also known as baby cheddar; if you can find unaged cheddar, that would be best. The closest possible replacement for cheese curds would be the torn chunks of very mild cheddar cheese. Mozzarella or halloumi will also work if you don’t have cheddar. The taste of cheese curds matches with cheddar, and the texture matches with mozzarella, so you can also use a mix of these two kinds of cheese.

Most people are looking for this replacement because cheese curds are not found everywhere globally, as they need to be sold fresh, which can make distribution difficult. Cheese curds lose their squeak after 24 hours and shipping them can be difficult.

Restaurants can suffer a lot because of this. If you are a multi-cuisine restaurant, you should be serving the authentic dishes of a vast range of cuisines, but due to the unavailability of fresh cheese curds in some parts of the world, they have to look for a replacement.

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