How To Ship Meat Effectively?

Today, everything you desire is bought right at your door, and meat is no exception. Meat and meat products are perishable; hence delivering fresh meat involves a lot of intricacies.

When talking of shipping meat, temperature control is an important aspect to look at. The temperature range must be maintained from the moment meat is boarded and leaves your premises till it reaches the customer, store, or warehouse. Temperature control prevents the meat from damage.

A few other essential facets to consider include- how to keep the shipment cold and how the packaging should be.

 Let’s discuss about all the facets in brief:

1.Temperature control

Temperature control is highly essential when talking of shipping meat. Raw meat is a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. It must be kept colder than 40°F, which restricts the growth of the bacteria. Bacteria affected meat when ingested might cause health issues to the consumer. The growth of bacteria and microbes is avoided when frozen limits are maintained correctly, due to which temperature control is considered important.

  1. Perishability

Meat is perishable hence has to be transported within a limited span of time. Storing meat for longer hours could lead to the emission of GHG gases and lead to waste.

  1. Packaging

When you need to maintain the temperature of the meat and keep it cold; packaging plays its role. The primary purpose of packaging is to ensure the meat stays intact till it reaches the buyer. To prevent deterioration due to their high fat content and sensitivity to oxidation, an insulated box is required. Meat should be placed in foam trays which are then covered by absorbent pad with atmosphere permeable plastic film.  The insulated boxes make sure the meat remains fresh and doesn’t get damaged.

  1. Keeping it cold

Only Managing temperature isn’t enough, meat must be kept cold. After dealing with how to avoid ambient heat, one should consider how meat can be kept cold. This could be done using cold packs or dry ice. This will refrigerate and keep the meat cold and fresh. Quantity required varies with transit duration, ambient temperature, insulation, and weight of meat.


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