7 Best Things to Buy at Halal Markets

If you are lucky enough to have a halal market near you, you might as well stop whatever it is you are doing and head over to the market right away.

But, before you go and make the trip to the nearest grocery store, there are a fews things you need to know first.

Similar to other types of specialty food stores, halal markets are the best place to go where you can find a plethora of ingredients worthy to have in your kitchen.

Aside from halal meat, a halal market is also the perfect resource for South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African specialty groceries. You can also find some imported brands of different items at halal markets that are much better than those you can find in other groceries or markets.

The following are some of the items you might want to buy for your next Bakkal – Halal grocery delivery in Los Angeles:

Bulk Spices

Halal markets always have an extensive selection of spices of different varieties, from cinnamon to black cardamom to Ras el Hanout. These spices are often sold in bulk because these are usually used in large quantities in various dishes. There is also something fun and exciting with poking around to find new spices you can try and add to your meals.

Canned Mango Pulp

Yes, canned mango pulp might not sound like you need it but you actually do. Just make sure that it is the pulp of superior quality mangoes, especially those that are not often available fresh in countries of their origin. The sweetened puree can make the most delicious mango lassi and you can also add it to cocktails and smoothies.


Halal markets are where you can find the plumpest and sweetest dates. You can chop these up and add them to granola, blend into smoothies, or enjoy as is as a delish treat after dinner.


Halal markets can also be considered as feta wonderland. This is where you can find all types of feta you can ever imagine that can be made with goat, cow, sheep, or combinations of different milks. Feta is often categorized according to the country where it is produced. Halal markets also have French fetas that considered as great deals.


Labneh is an extra thick type of yogurt cheese from Middle East that is very sumptuous and will make you forget its Greek counterpart. You can eat it the traditional way, use it for making cheesecake, spread this on toast, or dollop this over honey and fruit.

Ready-Made Savory Pies

There are also many ready-made savory pies that you can grab from your local halal markets. You can get them frozen or fresh.


While tahini might already be available in many grocery stores, the selections you can find at halal markets are so much better. These are best bought in bigger containers so you can use it for almost anything, from pasta to toast and even ice cream.