Guide to picking up good quality Haskaps near you

Haskap berries are loved by berry lovers above all and these are seasonal berries that people look up to. Fresh berries help in making a number of delicious drinks and recipes. To get the best quality haskap berries, you must find a local grower that sells fresh berries instead of stored or frozen ones. During the harvest seasons you would notice a hike in the demand for haskap berries. It is because these taste the best during the season.

Let us help you with a few more tips in finding good Haskap Producers. Other than buying the fresh berries for your home recipes, you must also know how to store them so that you can enjoy these for days.

Guide to buying good Haskaps near you:

Do not get confused between blueberries and hakaps. These both may look similar; however the shape of haskap berries is oblong compared to blueberries. Haskap is a Japanese name given to these berries; some people also recognized these are berr.

The sweet and tart flavor of these berries reminds you of a perfect combination of blueberries and raspberries. According to the health experts, haskaps are known to contain higher levels of antioxidants as compared to blueberries. Many people grow these in their own organic farm as the berries and its plant do not get affected by pests or diseases.

Visit your local store to find out more about haskap berries. If you have a regular store where you pick other fruits and groceries, you may check its availability as soon as the season arrives and book your order in advance. A few prominent recipes made out of haskap berries include Pies, Haskap berry cake, syrup, butter, haskap berry jelly, and a few more desserts. Haskaps are the fruit of early spring season and thus, all of these recipes make a lot of sense. The order may vary as per availability, thus you may have to place your bulk order in advance with the grower.


Haskaps are bought in bulk by bakeries, restaurants, and cafes too. You may have to plan your order in advance before the Haskap Producers enjoy taking up bulk orders in advance. Pay some advance to the vendor so that they keep your haskap delivery on priority. We suggest that you check the quality of haskap personally with the vendor before picking up your order from them.