Do People Outside Of America Eat a Lot of American cheese?

There is always a debate over the existence of American cheese in America or any other country. Some find it unhealthy, and many people are in love with these delicious American cheese slices.

What is American cheese, anyway? American cheese is just a regular cheese product made with real cheese and other ingredients; its distinctive yellow-orange colour distinguishes it from others. This makes it more convenient to use on a burger or sandwich due to the aesthetic look. So do only American eat American cheese? No.

Fast food is often incomplete without cheese, especially American cheese. With the popularity of fast food growing worldwide, American cheese is also on the way to getting loved worldwide.

Europeans are known to consume the highest quantity of cheese – even more than the US does. However, they are not into the more processed cheeses – to them, cheese comes from Holland and France, so American cheese has to go a long way in Europe.

In Asian cuisines, cheese is not often included as part of it, but with the increased consumption of fast food, especially burgers around the world – American cheese will soon catch on.

So it is fair to say that Australians eat the most American cheese after the USA. According to a study, the average Australian spends 32% of their weekly food budget on fast food, driven by convenience and price.

One of the challenges that American cheese has to face in other countries is the legalities. In many countries, any cheese product containing less than 50% cheese cannot be called cheese. Despite all the arguments and legal issues, everyone worldwide knows you cannot have a classic cheeseburger without American cheese on it. The meltability, texture, vibrant colour, and taste of American cheese makes it the perfect fit for a classic cheeseburger.

The Best American Cheese Slices in Australia

American cheese slices in Australia are often sold under various names like hi-melt cheese slices, processed cheese slices or burger slices, and many brands are selling these slices to restaurants through a range of suppliers. So to find the best cheese, you need to find the right supplier.

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Buying burger cheese slices from Pure Dairy is affordable for restaurant owners as they sell their products in bulk, and bulk purchases are always more pocket friendly. Also, they can be stored easily for a long time.

Apart from American cheese slices, Pure Dairy also has natural cheddar slices and Swiss cheese slices looking for natural and unprocessed cheeses. To order these burger cheese slices for your culinary establishment, visit the Pure Dairy website, contact them, and they will get back to you ASAP with the additional details of the nearest distributors, and they will deliver it to you.