Cheese trends being seen throughout the food industry.

The Australian cheese market has come leaps and bounds since the humble Kraft Singles were the epitome of sophistication. With a combined mix of domestic and export sales, the Australian cheese market has improved, with hundreds of cheesemakers now spread across the country.

As most people would agree, cheese is loved universally and used by almost every cuisine and culture. The delicious delicacy shows up in food trends every year, and hospitality establishments are always happy to oblige.

However, these cheese trends change every year, and if you aren’t watching out for them, you could miss a culinary opportunity in the market. In Australia, recent changes in regulation around non-cooked curd raw milk cheese, such as the Canadian delicacy of cheese curds, has people talking. It also has people experimenting with new dishes. Changes like this are one of the reasons trends emerge and change so quickly.

So, what cheese trends in the Australian food industry seeing now?

We are currently seeing the comeback of retro cheese trends that many would associate with the 1970s. This includes baked camembert and grilling raclette. These dishes were seen making their way back onto menus throughout Melbourne, then moving into Sydney. While it initially began to show up in high-end establishments, everyone from speakeasies to rooftop bars now has baked camembert on their menus.

While the next trend isn’t technically ‘cheese’, it sure is making itself know. Vegan cheeses are being seen more often now than ever before. Making good cheese without animal products may sound farfetched. When in fact, creamy vegan cheeses made from cashews and macadamias and getting people talking. When Mister Toast in Sydney’s Marrickville Market began serving vegan toasted sandwiched, Sydneysiders began flocking. Even those who weren’t vegan applauded their efforts.

Vegan cheese is a trend that is only expected to grow from here; with more of the population cutting out animal products every year, it is an essential path to go down.

Next is the humble return of Burrata and other Italian stretchy curd cheeses such as Stracciatella. Ideally labelled ‘hipster’ cheeses when they first returned, Burrata found its way into the hearts of many cheese lovers. These cheeses are making their way into countless Italian restaurants throughout Australia. An indulgent entrée now often includes a whole burrata ready to share between few.

Lastly, becoming more popular by the day is the use of savoury cheese to make sweet treats. Whether it be cult-favourites like baked cheese tarts or cannoli, the trend is moving into our desserts. Some are even going as far as cheesy gelato and ice cream flavours, with many asking if this flavour combination is a menace or masterpiece?

While some cheesy trends may be questionable and others delectable, they all should begin with high-quality dairy products. Without the highest-quality ingredients, these cheesy trends would flop.

So, what cheesy trend do you want to see next?

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