Favourite Pizza Toppings Available from the London Pizza Depot, Plaistow 

Some people love pepperoni, yet others love extra cheese, but do you know what the country’s most popular pizza toppings are, or that you can get them all from our Plaistow branch of London Pizza Depot?

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A YouGov survey helped to establish once and for all which are our favourite pizza toppings, and the results may not be what you were expecting. 

For example, did you know that the number one pizza topping isn’t pepperoni or ham but is mushrooms! Yes, it is true; the humble (yet tasty) fungi takes the top spot in favourite pizza toppings.

However, it is hardly surprising that 65% of  Brits love them as mushrooms go with just about any combination of pizza toppings you can think of. Cheese and mushroom = good. Ham and mushroom = good. Beef and mushroom = good … you get the picture.

So what’s next in our top-ten pizza topping list?

No: 2 Onions

Yes, onions sit at number two because they add a rich depth of flavour to pizza toppings and complement so many other toppings well. 

No: 3 Ham

Ham is a favourite topping because it is so tasty and versatile. Ham and mushroom, ham and cheese, ham and pineapple – the list is endless! So if you fancy a pizza with ham from our Plaistow branch, how about our Ranch Meat Feast.

No 4: Pepperoni

You knew that pepperoni would be up here somewhere, right? About half of all pizzas ordered contain pepperoni, so why not try our American Hot pizza if you fancy a spicy pepperoni treat this weekend!

No 5: Pineapple

Adding a sweet tang to any savoury pizza, love it or hate it, pineapple is even more popular than beef, fish or olives. Why not try our Hawaiian Hula for a tasty zing of pineapple. 

No 6: Sweetcorn

42% of the British public love the sweet pop of sweetcorn on their pizza. It is a popular choice on veggie pizzas, but it goes well with just about every other pizza topping too!

No 7: Tomato

Where would pizza be without a good tomato sauce base? Yet many people like to add extra tomato slices on top, and why not when tomatoes taste so darned good. 

No: 8 Jalapenos

For lovers of spice, nothing beats a jalapeno topping. It is the worlds most popular pepper and has a long history of spicing up our food.

No: 9 Spinach

Yes, you read that right. Spinach. Go figure! Yet 26% of Brits like topping pizza with spinach, and it does go so very well with feta cheese. Why not try our spinach topped Greek Goddess pizza.

No: 10 fish and seafood

Spanish and Mediterranean flavours have influenced the development of pizza toppings with tuna, anchovies and prawns scoring high with Brits. Why not try our Paella Party with freshwater prawns.

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