A Few Dishes Which Just Cannot Be Imagined Without Fries

An average American consumes around 30 pounds of French fries a year. This figure shouldn’t surprise you since Fries are irresistible! If a dish of French fries is kept before you; you just cannot stop from picking a fry and then you cannot stop at all until the dish is empty! 

Fries are not only consumed solely but they also form a very popular side dish or serve as an accompaniment for a lot of other dishes. 

Here we shall talk about 4 dishes which one cannot imagine without fries-

1] Burgers

Be it a veggie burger, pasture burger, beef burger, chicken burger, fish filler burger or any burger in the world; it won’t be complete without fries! An integral part of a fast-food experience is the classic combination of a burger with a side of fries. White castle is often credited with establishing the combination of burgers and fries but no one truly knows who first served a burger with a side of fries. All in all; today; there will seldom be a time when you order a burger and skip on fries. Fries are to burger what oxygen is to life. 

2] Sandwiches 

Today, fries are not constrained to accompanying hamburgers. They are now preferred to accompany sandwiches too! Veggie sandwich, club sandwich, merguez baguettes, or ciabatta sandwiches are often paired with a side dish of fries to enhance their taste.  

3] Hot dogs

Hot dogs are another recipe where fries supplement the taste. A grilled or steamed sausage stuffed in a sliced bun with sauces and succulent veggies when coupled with crunchy fries is something you just can’t get enough of. 

4] Poutines

Poutine is a recipe created to inflate the taste of fries. In Poutine; fries are topped with cheese curds, brown gravy, veggies and meat, making fries a central dish than merely an appetizer accompanying other dishes.

Fries are steadily finding their way to be partnered with several other foods. The above-mentioned dishes just don’t feel complete unless you pop in a few fries with them. 

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