5 Compelling Reasons to opt for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

The moment you accept the proposal, a dream wedding plays at the back of your mind. Wedding planning is exciting, and it can be quite overwhelming as well. If you’re the one who has to decide the venue, décor, outfits, and guest list, it is going to be a maddening affair.

If you live in Montreal, you will find quite a few good-looking outdoor wedding venues. A riverside wedding seems promising!

We’re here to share the five compelling reasons to opt for an outdoor wedding venue. Let’s get started!

  1. No More COVID-19 Scare

It’s risky to have an indoor wedding during COVID-19 scare. Let’s not forget that the pandemic hasn’t ended. New variants keep coming up, and rules change from time to time. Having your ceremony in an outdoor space may mitigate the overall risk of spreading the infection.

  1. Enjoy the beautiful weather outside

If you are having a riverside wedding, the guests will get to enjoy the wind and sunshine. Well, it depends on the month you are choosing. An outdoor wedding venue let’s you enjoy the weather – winter, spring, or summer.

  1. Outdoor wedding décor looks exquisite

Wedding décor looks great both outdoor and indoor, but the outdoor settings have a more rustic feel. You can get creative with the décor. An indoor space is like a little box where you can do limited decoration. However, an outdoor space can have various elements.

  1. More Space to Prance Around

A large indoor wedding venue would look odd for a private wedding. Also, indoor wedding venues may have a specific limit on the overall capacity. Outdoor weddings give the guests a lot more space to move around.

  1. Wedding photos look stunning

If you are having a daytime riverside or garden wedding, the photos would be brilliant. The nature around you will get captured in the photos. Moreover, the natural lighting makes your skin look bright and beautiful.

Let’s not forget that couple photoshoot is best done during daytime. An outdoor wedding venue, especially a riverside one would be great for a photoshoot.

Which outdoor wedding space should you choose in Montreal?

Fortunately, there are some good cafes where you can host a wedding. Riverside is one of them. It’s a riverside café and the icing on the cake is that it is a pet-friendly space. The bride can walk down the aisle with her furry pooch.

This sounds like an interesting plan, right? We hope you will choose a good outdoor wedding venue for the big day!