How Much Time Does It Take To Make Cannabutter In A Magical Butter Machine?

The edible market has been expanding day by day in recent years. As the user of cannabis increases day by day, the market is surprising users by innovating new products. Now you can get the varieties of weed in the market prepared deliciously through Magical Butter Machine. People now prefer creating their cannabis-infused butter rather than wasting their money in the outlet stores. When it comes to enjoying some good THC weeds, we check the online sites to search for delicious recipes.

Do you want to kick back with the relaxing and soothing weed? Consuming the delicious edible is a wonderful thing, but making the cannabutter recipes is stressful and complicated and can be time-consuming for some of us. Crafting your cannabutter recipes is difficult, but the results will be worth it. Yes, it takes several hours to complete the whole process. But now you can make this quickly in MB2e without standing hours in your kitchen. This is possible when you buy the Magical Butter Machine. 

Do You Have This Magical Butter Machine?

The magical butter machine is a thoroughly efficient and highly advanced fully automatic tool. This is the popular botanical extractor or known as the immersion blender. The machine comes with a compact in design and pitch-shaped design. In addition, this MB2e is equipped with a versatile immersion blade to Purify Filters along with the thermostat, which is programmed.

With this magical butter machine, you can quickly stir, grind, heat, and take steep herbal extracts without wasting much of your time. It is easy to use and comes with extra accessories. Set the right temperature and start grinding through a botanical extractor without putting in any additional effort.

This machine has included the PurifyFilter 190™ infusion Thermometer, which helps to give effortless infusion magical butter straining. This is made with heat-and-slip-resistant LoveGlove™ for effortless straining and safe handling. This botanical extractor machine of herbs is the ultimate choice to make infused coconut oil, tinctures, and even medicinal salves apart from cannabutter recipes.

How To Use This Machine To Make Delicious Drinks?

When you start making the process of magical butter, the first step of decarbing the weed takes lots of time. This is the most critical step, even when you try this with a magical butter machine. There are different methods to decarb the weed, and it completely depends on why you are using this. But if you are using this weed to make cannabutter recipes, it will be best to bake it in the oven.

So, first, break up the Bakers Bundle that you want to infuse into the butter and make the small pieces of this. Now spread this evenly in a thin layer on the parchment paper sheet and cover this with the aluminum foil and place it to bake for 25–30 minutes for enhancing herbs. Bake this at the temperature of 230℉ and let cool the Bakers Bundle completely before beginning the next process in MB2e.

Once the solution is cool, you can put this for infusion in the magical butter machine. The magical butter machine allows a different botanical infusion, including oils, butter, tinctures, and oil concentrates.

What Process Should I Follow To Make Cannabutter?

Want to make magical butter in the magical machine for the first time? To complete the overall process almost takes two hours. The time also depends upon how much butter you want to make. To make this butter, first, you need to collect the ingredients like 2–5 cups of unsalted butter, 1 tbsp. Lecithin and 7–14 g of decarbed bud.

To get the highest potency of the cannabutter or magical butter and the extraction process, you need to clarify the butter before adding it to the pitcher. When you use clarified butter, it absorbs the highest amount of THC than normal butter. To clarify the butter, you need to simmer it in a small pan on the stove and then allow it to heat until it starts melting.


  • In the initial step, take the clarified butter, decarbed Bakers Bundle, and lecithin into the pitcher and tightly close the head of the MB2e machine.
  • To start the process, hit the “Temperature” button for 160℉, then press the “2 Hours/Butter” button. It allows the infusion cycle to run for two hours.
  • Once the infusion cycle or botanical extractor is complete, unplug your Magical Butter MB2e Machine and remove the head.
  • After that, mix the solution and herbs and take this out in a container.

Once you are done with the steps of making magical butter, clean the machine and dry it. This is the ultimate user-friendly way to make your cannabis edible even if you are quarantined at your home. Next, check the online stores and order the magical tray to prevent mould.