Eat the Same Pizza That BBQs 2u Serves by Using Ooni Koda Ovens

Nobody in UK can deny that BBQs 2u serves the best and delicious pizza that can never be made at home. Now BBQs 2u has come out with their solution for all pizza lovers of UK.

BBQs 2 u have now taken the responsibility of selling various world-class models of ovens that can barbeque and prepare the same delicious pizza that they have been offering to their customers till now.

One of those oven companies is Ooni Koda, which is also a family-based American company similar to BBQs 2u, which has developed a few revolutionary models of ovens that can be used by any newbies as well as any experienced pizza maker to make pizza as good as that are available on the market.  

Ooni Koda 16 is also one such model available from this company of the husband and wife team. This gas-powered pizza oven has been designed for creating authentic-tasting pizzas just within 60 seconds. 

This model is the latest design available on the market offered by Ooni, who also made many ranges of pizza ovens that are coal, wood, and gas-powered. The original gas-powered oven from Koda was slightly smaller than their latest model where one can cook a 16” pizza.

By using this Ooni Pizza Oven having its innovative L-shaped flame that can create a waterfall effect during the heat transfer, and the user can get a very lovely flame-cooked flavour with great heat retention.

This sleek designed model of the Ooni Koda pizza oven not only looks great in the outdoor kitchen but also can easily be assembled and cleaned. At the price of £399, which is in mid-range price on the market, one can get a good value for money buying such a top-quality and durable pizza oven. 

This model is one of the largest gas-powered pizza ovens from Ooni that can offer ultimate ease and convenience. It can reach 950°F/500°C for cooking flame-cooked stone-baked 16” pizza just within 60 seconds. 

The L-shaped flame of this innovative Ooni Koda 16 model will allow for single-turn cooking and will offer maximum flexibility and control. For any outdoor kitchen, its slick design will be perfect.

The following are a few features of this model:

  • For pizzas up to the size of 16”/40 cm, a large baking board of cordierite stone provided
  • Gas fuelled with piezo ignition
  • For superior retention of heat and weather resistance a durable, powder-coated, ceramic fiber-insulated steel shell is provided.
  • For easy access wide opening available.
  • For any camping trip, it can easily be loaded into the car.
  • Can be easily assembled in just 5 minutes.
  • Available with propane tank gas regulator along with the hose.
  • Cooking area is: 41 x 41cm.
  • Instructions manual included.
  • 1-year warranty.

Although, Ooni claims online that it is weather-resistant, however, it would be preferable to keep it covered or stored inside while not in use. The manufacturer supplies no cover but one can buy it from the Ooni website.

Plenty of reviews of the Ooni Koda 16 model can also be found on Facebook.