What Is Natural Wine?

If you’ve been looking for the next big thing in the wine world, it might be time to start looking toward natural wines. Natural wines are made from grapes that have been grown without the use of chemical additives, and many natural winemakers go even further to grow their grapes without using pesticides or fertilizers as well. If you want to learn more about this growing trend, check out our article on what is a natural wine, and read on to learn about some of the benefits you can expect from making the switch!

What is Natural Wine?

Some wine is marketed as natural but it’s not always easy to understand what that means. This guide will explain how natural wine is made, different kinds of natural wines, and whether or not it’s worth trying. What exactly does natural mean in wine? It depends who you ask. Most people agree that there are two main characteristics to look for when buying natural wine: minimal intervention in winemaking and a close-to-raw grape experience. If a bottle of wine fits both of these criteria, it may be marketed as a natural or authentic product.

How To Select Quality Wines

Quality wines stand out from their peers because they offer an experience that is more than just a glass of wine. These wines elicit feelings and memories and can inspire your senses and emotions. As you taste, pay attention to your reaction to these wines: Are they floral or grassy? Sweet or dry? Savoury or tart? Do they evoke thoughts of blueberries or chocolate or peach cobbler? Quality wine tastes like what it is – not what it’s mixed with, but not so idiosyncratic that you can’t place its character. Like most things in life, we find high quality in moderation; do not buy into the hype; buy into a passion for food and drink; drink good wine regularly.

Enjoying Great Wines Without Breaking the Bank

For those of us who love wine, finding a bottle that’s affordable, delicious and not from a box is rewarding. Not all natural wines are cheap but can be much less expensive than some of their mainstream counterparts If you want to explore new flavours and save money at home without feeling like you’re drinking a vat of vinegar or anything else gross, head over to your local wine shop and try out some natural wines for yourself – be sure to get advice from the experts at your local shop. They will be able to guide you.


It’s a pretty interesting industry, natural wine. Many of these producers are passionate about their craft and put a lot of care into their products, from sourcing good-quality grapes to staying away from additives. It’s not all about flavour—it’s also about an environmentally friendly way of making wine that is more in line with nature. For people who have never tried it before, going natural is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! You just might find a new favourite when you ask your wine merchant!