The Flavors of Tea, This Can Be of Existence

A cup full of tea can penetrate existence and let you understand the essence of existence. Consuming tea, get sucked in of the healthiness of mind, more is a type of tea taste and appreciation, a mood, a type of scenery, such as the coconut palm seaside, watching paradise high clouds, hearing the come in the wind, a cup full of tea, a couple of A confidant, the teas are switched in a scent, the interest of tea arrives. Across the cold night, there’s been visitors visiting, shoveling snow and melting water, and started to brew tea. During individuals days, it had been relatively silent. The snow outdoors from the question was cold, plus a number of plum blossoms reflected from the question, that was a method of sitting and consuming tea.

Dian Hong Rose Black Tea is a type of existence. Within the limited existence journey, although there’s no earth-shattering story, it cannot capture the unforgettable lens, only calm and calm, however, this ordinary is memorable. The flavors is indifferent to fame and fortune. To get person, like teas, in reality and straightforward, and supply people warmth, carrying out a busy, there’s still a faint scent relating to the lips and teeth, it deserves people to meticulously relish.

The existence we’re experiencing isn’t as as being a trip of teas? Should you go back home, choose a quiet place, check out it, and keep close track of inside the tea leaves within the hot hot water, tumbling, progressively stretching, and lastly sinking. The ft in the cup, after brewing again and again, progressively returns having a calm and real process.

There’s no special mystery in consuming teas. Place the charcoal towards the stove, hold back until water is correctly opened up up up, after which add tea which makes it taste. Insert the flower within the bottle using the progression of the flower. Within the summer time time time, people consider coolness, and thru the cold several days, people consider warmth, there’s couple of other secret.

The existence of the person, twists and turns, such as the teas during this cup, silent stretch, gently closed, quiet, bitter, the lingering scent across the taste bud, may be the taste of existence, nevertheless the taste of tea.