5 Tips to choose the best coffee vending machine for office in Montreal

Is your current coffee service at workplace motivating your employees enough to take breaks and get back to work? It is time to take feedback from them and get ratings on your present cafeteria services. If you get more negative reviews, make ways to install or upgrade your coffee vending machine for more productive hours.

Coffee breaks are essential and needed to keep the mind active. You must find a reliable vendor like Canvend coffee services in Montreal to give you exactly what you need for your cafeteria. Regardless of your circumstances, choosing the best vendor can save you a lot of money on maintenance and labor.

Guidelines to select the best coffee vending machine for workplace in Montreal:

  • Check the location:

Where is your office based? Having an office in Montreal or close by can get you the best vendors. Check with the company if they can setup the coffee vending machine at your office location and come for regular maintenance.

  • Environment:

The size of your vending machine may depend on the workforce you have at your workplace. How is the work environment? What is the number of employees working? What is the frequency of breaks? All these questions will help you find the right vending machine for your office.

  • Choice and preference:

What is the maximum drinking preference of your employees? Do they prefer hot coffee, with or without milk, with or without sugar, iced coffee, Frappuccino, etc…? New and advanced machines offer high quality drinks to ensure employee safety and health in mind. Discuss the choice of coffee beans or instant coffee with the vendor too.

  • Budget:

What is the budget of your company for coffee vending machines? These machines may vary as per the features, size, and budget. Think of a budget before selecting the machine for your office. Also decide the number of machines you wish to install for a large office setup.

  • Features:

If you wish to save more money and repair and maintenance, look for advanced coffee vending machines. These have auto-cleaning features and auto-drop paper cup facility. The self-service options can help you save labor hiring cost and maintenance cost.

Look for trusted brands like Canvend coffee services in Montreal. These brands offer high quality machines ad products that keep in mind the safety and health of employees.